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September 29,2010 (Wed)

Are you who has always wanted bigger eyes? Do you have a single eyelid and want a double eyelid? Just follow these simple instructions to finally get bigger eyes..

Better than the sticker.. simple, nice and easy + can be used to stick the false eyelashes.

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Introduction :

If you're single-lidded, you may want to know how to create a double eyelid with glue.

Eye glue memang commonly used nowdays to enhance the eyelid folds dan juga to make the eyes look bigger.
Method ni memang safe and effective when used properly, plus it lasts all day ya.

So, just choose your favorite brand of glue and get started.
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Tools to use :

To create a double eyelid with glue, you will need:
    * Eyelid glue
    * Prongs

The methods :

1. Start with a clean, dry face. Clean also your eyelid area to be free of oil. So this will help the glue to stay on longer. (important ya)

2. Using the prongs, push in slightly above the lash line to find your natural crease. This where you’ll be applying the glue.

3. Paint the double eyelid glue along your natural crease area. Apply horizontally along the lid, with the middle directly over where you want the crease to be. Use enough to cover all the way along the eye. Wait around 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky and clear.
4. When the glue is almost dry, use the prongs to create a double eyelid. Push inwards with the prongs until the crease is shaped to your liking. There is no single right way to do this, just follow your eye shape and go along until you’re satisfied with the look.

5. Adjust your look by opening and closing the eye and using the prongs. If necessary, apply a thin second coat of double eyelid glue. This is most common for people who have thick lids.

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Eye Charm
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