Package/Steps : Pori-pori terbuka / ENLARGED PORES

Okay semua..
Dulu kami dah berjanji untuk mencarikan set produk terbaik untuk masalah :
Pori terbuka dan masalah kulit berminyak.

Setelah banyak produk kami guna pakai.. combination di bawah adalah terbaik setakat ini..
Yang penting harga mampu, selamat, berkesan dan mudah didapati.


Nak kecilkan / shrink the pores on our face?
Why? Apa reason? Mengapa nak kecilkan? Sebab :

1) Make our skin firmer
2) Make our skin younger
3) And most important for flawless looking.

Step 1 :
Remove the blackheads from your pores to reduce pore size appearance.

This can be done by extracting the blackhead out of the pore. A licensed esthetician can unclog the pores of your face and nose naturally. If you attempt to extract yourself, you can irritate your pores and make them worse.

Wash your face with warm water. 
If you have the steamer.. can steam your face a little while or simply just putting some hot water in a bowl and let your face down forward letting the water moisture sink in through your skin and pores for about ten minutes. The steam is great for opening up your pores and dislodging all the dirt that is in your pores.

Refer to this products below to help you.

Magic towel
2in1 hair and blackhead poker
Blackhead Lotion

Step 2 :
End with cold water to reduce the look of your pores.A splash of cold water will make your pores close up. 

Step 3 :
Time to reduce your pores now after you have removed the blackheads. 
Find really good/works skin care.
We recommend the below :