New- Mask terbaik untuk kecilkan pori muka - PORE MASK

This mask instantly give our skin 'Fresh and Freezing' feeling.
We will feel the cooling effect.
The smell also is very soothing..

Cell under the skin will be rapidly active to tighten / reduce the enlarge pores and also improve the dry and rough skin.
Skin will be no longer dry and will be look so smooth and moisturized.

This mask will show the whitening effect only after 2-3 times usage.
What a worth try and buy!

1pc RM5.00
We offer RM3.00/pc

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Testimonials /comments : 

i will certainly buy more of this... so cold and refreshing!!!

this mask is really very coolings.

the mask is refreshing and cooling.. the smell is very soothing. not a bad mask to be used frequently.

It's so cool , fresh, and skin look smooth always.
I’ve been taking extra time to stare at the mirror and check on my face condition . Uneven skin, large pores, and blackheads
Most of the beauticians told me that my skin is dehydrated around the cheeks and oily at the T-zone so I opted for this mask during my purchase.
The pore mask smells of the Olay or Hazelina cream my mum used to use all the time, a mild dewy scent and it covered more than my face.
The mask gives my face a nice cooling mint-ish effect. Overall I loved the effect it gives, and my cheeks looks hydrated

semlam i da try da freezing mask tue..wallaah
!! mmg superb!! sejuk ja bila pakai after 30 min skin so soft jer suka pegang n mmg nampak puteh..after that rasa sejuk ja sampai i tdo..mmg best sgt sgt...pagi ni dtg opis my fren pun cakap benda yg sama..

Swear to God this is so good!!!

As the name implies, this mask's main functionality is to exquisite pores and improve the dry and rough phenomena of skin. There is a nice ocean scent when I first applied it. Very nice smell. Not to forget it's innovate freezing cells combined with mint form a "freezing and fresh film" on the surface of the skin instantly.

So you can imagine that your skin will be "freezing" when apply. When I removed the mask, my face is actually lighter in a tone!!! So amazing. I tried out lots of mask before but no one gives an instant fairness to my skin!!! My pores are smaller and my whole complexion is glowing!!


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macam mane nak beli?
do email me leh x??