Thighs Trimmer - hides and look fit+firm instantly

Thighs Trimmer (1pair)


Frankly speaking, i first purchase this product is because i am curious why this product is selling so well in Japan and in Taiwan. And i love the idea of burning calories by sitting or sleeping. hurhur. to put it simply, i am just lazy! 

But i love this product~ i wear it to sleep every night! as it’s tight, i feel warmth throughout the night. and even when i sleep, i feel my blood is circulating throughout my body. My butt is re-shaped by it! firmer and my thighs are less flabby~'

Thighs yang besar?
Nak sembunyikan semasa rawatan juga membantu kita fit in our favourite jeans?

Bertindaklah sekarang..
Rawat dan dapatkn kesan segera...

*Hides bulges, bumps and rolls and making us look tight / trim.
*Also help us fit into your favourite pair of jeans; slinky dress or tailored business suits comfortably.
*Also give us a smooth, neat and trim look from below the hip line all the way to the knees.

Wear during the day, night & sleeping, wear during exercise can speed up calorie consumption!

- Penemuan baru popular that can give us a sexy, leggy and curvy hourglass figure instantly.
- Rahsia "wave concave-convex weave" engineering to massage, sculpt, shape, firm and slenderise.
- You'll feel comfortable and confident wearing it.
- Size yang panjang sepanjang thigh to ensure our problem areas are targetted.
- Pakai sebagai inner akan membuatkan thigh kita inches smaller and pounds thinner immediately.

Size = ukuran thighs 40-58cm (16"-23")

Material: Nylon & spandex
Handwash sahaja ye.. jgn bleach dan elakkan benda yang tajam

Code B6971
JW member : RM25.00

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Tips : sapukan shaping gel. biarkan kering,, pakai thighs trimmer ini .. atau .. gunakan hip roller utk massage juga boleh  di selangseli.. buat 2x sehari or sekerap boleh. Result bergantung kepada disiplin dan usaha.
Measure ukurlilit peha seblm utk melihat perubahan k.