Pen Concealer 3.5g
From German

Contains vitamin E
Moisturizing substances (has anti-oxidizing properties)
Effectively protects the skin against free radicals
Soothes and protects skin while camouflaging problem facial areas
Prevents premature aging.
Soft, creamy & silky application feeling
Passed skin, eye & sensitivity tests.
Does not have any added fragrance
Supernatural color! !
Can use to cover freckles, pimples, dark circles!
Easy to carry around!
Flawless application will not crease when blended properly

Strongly recommended !!
Can apply to the problem area or boleh apply to the whole face.. blend nicely.. then letak di problem area.. then dap properly!

Quote :
"my review :
I love this very much. I use 02#skin color. Have tried one and now getting a second one.
It works like an eraser to hide your dark circle and other skin problems (blemishes and skin redness).
It is waterproof and maks your make-up last longer too."
-sis julia, jw founder-

Quote :
"Really like this.. the colour is very natural and the texture is not too thick. Doesnt cake too. "

Very cheap yet Auwsome result!

Price: RM16.00
Jw member : RM14.50

2 shades:
01# Beige
02# Skin Color