New Bust Roller / Breast Roller
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2009 Japan new product
Japan Technology Design:
Feather-shaped particles bump , every part of this massager can be posted close to the bust.
Made by soft material & the roller massagger will depending on your physical curve to give you a comfort massage during use.
Recommended by Taiwan Popular Artist -Jolin Chai IN HOUSE Magazine!
- Size : 15cm x 6.5cm x 23cm
- Brand new in packaging
- Colour : Pink

- To ensure correct massager after applying any firming/enlargement bust lotion/serum
- Can use during bath or after bath
- Recommend to use once daily - 10 minutes to tone and firm up your beauty bust
- The rollers (2 on the right & 2 on the left) are very flexible & will adapt to your breast contour

- Great result if use with any firming/enlargement serum or lotion

1. Make sure when using massage roller moves freely.
2. Placed in young children unable to obtain.
3. Do not use a long time, so as not to over-stimulate the skin.