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FREE - Compressed Mask
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*Could be this one or other compressed mask available.
This is one of various videos on 'Compressed Mask' - DIY You can soak it into your toner!

Now we recommend you 'The Super Neutral Organic Mask'
100% organic. We can just choose what type of mask do we want. 

How does it sounds?? Tempting??

How to make your favourite one?

Refer Photo above -

1) Placed the tablet into a little container. 
2) Gradually pour in your favourite toner.
3) Look at that thing expanding! 
*Kita cuma need about 10ml of fluid to soak up the entire mask.
*Nak elakkan pembaziran toner - tuang toner terus ke atas mask. Once the mask expands.. stop adding.
*Please take note that, semua jenis masks jgn biarkan in the face for more than 15minutes, as bacteria will grow on it and it'll absorb nutrients from your face!*
Nak buat your fav mask?
You must be wondering what to add in to your Mask?? 
Here some of the ideas we have for you/ 
Here you go!
* Kita boleh mix and match whatever we think can use on our face, as long as it's not too strong till it damages our skin.

Mask type 1 - Vitamin C Mask
Not for inflammed and over-sensitive skin as this mask is stimulating and acidic.
Generally, this mask suits people with normal ,combination and oily skin better.

1) 1 Vitamin C tablet 
( can use chewable Vitamin C for children as they are milder).
2) Water
3) This mask
4) Daiso Royal Jelly Lotion or Cornstarch ( as thickener)

1. First, crush the Vitamin C tablet or just drown it into 5 tablespoons of water. The Vitamin C solution should be diluted.
2. After the Vitamin C is dissolved, soak the mask into the mixture and leave it for 5 - 10 minutes.
3. Pump in some Daiso Royal Jelly Lotion or simply add in a teaspoon of cornstarch to thicken up the mixture. You have to make the mixture thicker so that it won't drip all over when you put on the mask.

Mask Type 2 - Milk and Honey Mask
Milk : a great source of protein and calcium bila diminum juga quickly turns menjadi pelembut kulit yg natural great natural when we soak our skin into milk bath. (mandi susu)
Honey : has healing and soothing properties which makes it a best friend to most of baby products. Honey moisturizes skin effectively too.

When both , milk + honey combine sekali.. we will have a very nice sweet mikly mask that our skin will sream for more! more!

1) Milk
2) 1- 2 tablespoons of honey
3) Water
4) DIY Sheet Mask
5) Cornstarch ( optional)

1. Mix in honey into the milk. If you are using cornstarch, add it too at this point.
2. Soak the tissue mask into the mixture and leave it for 5- 10 minutes.

Mask Type 3 - Toner Mask
If you have dry and large-pore skin, then you should try this one.
Simply add in a little bit of toner onto your Mask and use it. Senangkan..?!!

Mask Type 4 - Water Mask
Paling senang.
Just tambahkan air (lebih baik air oxy-pi and biarkan mask expand).
This method of mask is too hydrate your skin.

*Please take note that DO NOT USE IT FOR TOO LONG, as water evaporates easily and if it evaporates (mengewap/mengering), the mask will absorb water from your face. This makes your face worse. 
Tips : If we want to put it on longer, we just need to keep on spraying/sprinkling water on it so that it wont evaporate easily.*

Mask Type 5 : Lemon Mask
Jaga-jaga !
Lemon is good for whitening, but it's bit too strong and very acidic, so, please use it carefully so that your face wont look like having white patch here and there.
1.Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice into a bowl
2.Add in twice the amount of water into it.
3.Soak the mask in it and leave it for 5 minutes.

*Please do not apply it too long on the face. 5 minutes will be just nice. If you're afraid of the too-white-effect, you can add in more water to dilute the lemon juice*

Mask Type 6 - Lemon and Egg White Mask
Lemon is effective for whitening. 
Egg white is good for whitening and also purification. 
Egg white can be used to remove blackheads too. 

1.Add in an egg into a bowl (EGG WHITE ONLY!) and beat it till fluffy. 
2.Squeeze 2-3 drops of lemon juice into it. 
3.Soaked the mask in it for 5-10 minutes and wallahh.. it's ready to use.

So, what's the big deal? 
Basically, now you have the freedom to make any sort of mask that you want! 

If you're looking for whitening, you can use whitening toners (eg. RMK Skintuner Fruit) or if you want anti-acne perhaps you can try a toner with salycilic acid (eg. Clinique Clarifying Lotion or the baby roses spray)? Heck, if you wanna make an SK-II Miracle Water mask, you can too. The possibilites are only limited by the type of toners that you can get your hands on