Kelihatan cerah serta merta! > BE FAIRER IN SECONDS + SPF CREAM

Asian people selalu cakap 'being fair-skinned is beautiful'..
While.. we don't agree entirely on the statement, but what we believe if the light skin tone suits us rather than tanned skin.. then why not.
You can buy from us the fair skin package from inside here (click) but

Are you conscious to wait?

If your answer is YES.. then this product is GREAT for us.
Cream ni mmg special utk kita yang nk kelihatan cerah serta merta.. more to make up je la.. terutama jika ada function tertentu.
It could transform dark skin into fair skin in >>>>>>> few SECONDS!

Cream ni :
From natural ingredients
Look very neutral
Pinkish Tone
GREAT for :
face,knee,elbow,underarms,bikini line etc..
Even selepas basuh.. fairness tu ttp maintain.
Long Term use akan membuatkan permanent fairness sbb ada SPF dan rawatan pemulihan kulit.

Whitening Layer + SPF cream
Price : RM 39 .00 ( 10 g)
Jw Member = RM35.00

Testi :

"Cream ni sangat bagus. I suka sangat. Guna sikit sahaja.. dah boleh cover. Tidak berminyak even diletakkan di muka dan leher. Kulit nmpk berseri je dan yang penting neutral! I pernah guna ni time reunion. Diorg ingat I dh cerah sekarang ni. hehe. Means diorg tak perasanlah. Memang waterproof. Nak cuci, I guna make up remover. Thumbs up!"

"My experience: Upon application, I was so surprised that it wasn't oily at all. Need make up remover and facial sponge to remove this cream at night.

It really "whitens' the skin when applied!
Tho bit sticky but after rubbed in, it feels smooth... & "white!"

This Cream, when apply it is kinda sticky but soon become smooth.
love it so much!
my advise for buyer is, rub it with circular movement for easier to apply.
now my skin is fair when i apply it

It is really good!!!

hey there. received the items yesterday morning.
i love the fast deal and you provide very nice packaging, kudos for that.
tried on all of the products, am fully satisfied with it.
the cream also works very well, my friend notices immediate change when i apply that cream.
thanks a lot!