Petit Colo Facial Yoga
Code B816
*we only sell original set from korea/taiwan/japan

Jom try this untuk urutkan muka kita supaya awet muda, lebih firm dan kurang/jauhkan kedut! Juga untuk mata.

Ada manual cara urutan tapi if susah and tak tahu.. guna je la facial yoga ni!

All parts in 1 - Roller Kit for :
face, nose, forehead, chin, jaw, eyes (reduce dark circles,floating, swelling) and mouth. It is a worth buy. 2 tools in this set.

Shaped like Y is to be a massage area on the face - wide cheeks, chin, forehead, face, jaw to manage the health and taper down the page

shaped like A is the white color. To massage in a small area, such as nose, throat, under the eyes or any other area to avoid wrinkles.