LIYANSHIJIA 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask

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Testimonials : 
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"After guna mask ni, muka i rasa fresh sangat. Cooling feeling tu masih ada even dh removed. Highly recommended"

"I like this one! You cant see the gold inside though, but the smells is nice. The essence is alot too, u can apply the left over essence on any part of your body. Ohya it has the same cooling effects! i love the purchase of this mask. It is so satisfying."
"I want to reorder.. This mask is really nice."

Amalkan untuk :
Menghilangkan garisan halus di muka
Memudarkan pigmentation / Jeragat
Memutihkan kulit
Memastikan kulit yang lebih berseri & bersinar (glowing)

Many facial mask di market.
And tak tau dah mana nk kita gunakan..
Kami recommend yang ni..
Boleh dibeli di luar or dptkn je dari Juliaeswardrobe!

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Ingredients : 
*Every piece mask ni mengandungi :-
*24ml pure whitening essence milk (susu asli pemutihan)
*Ultrafine gold foil active golden prime liquid teated by multiple biochemical processes
*Vitamin B3
*Natural mulberry extract.

The active golden prime liquid can :
*Fully ameliorate micro circulation in face
*Promote skin regeneration
*Improve the oxidation-resistant capacity of skin.

With highly effective water reserving capacitiy, can generate water-lipid protective membrane to reserve water, supply water & nutrients for cells, obviously remove lines, fade out pigment, whiten skin, and leave skin more evenly fair, & glowing charming luster.

~ Whiten skin and fade out spot
~ Nourish skin and supply water
~ Tighten skin and remove wrinkles
~ Fair, tender and smooth