LIPS MASK- untuk bibir yang cantik menawan
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Testimonials :

"I've tried the lip mask Loving the lip mask so much! The smell is really nice.Really moisten my lips"

"I just tried the lip mask. Super love the rosy smell! The smell still linger faintly even after taking off the mask. Really moisten my lips and got a lil bit extra essence in the plastic, so i pat some on my face. Definitely buying more after finishing my stock."

"i just received the parcel and quickly tried the lip absolutely moisturised...and smoothen my lip..marvellous product..thumbs up...thank u.."

"be moist lip after apply a moment"

"I've used it just now. it really moisten my lips even with just one application. i definitely will buy it again. thanx q."

Cracked / Dry Lips?
Get this mask to rejuvenate and keep lips moisturized.

Don't have dry lips? GOOD.
Still can use this mask , to give your lips a plumping glistening effect with the added moisture.

~ Produk ini dipasarkan dengan meluas ke seluruh salun kecantikan terkenal di Taiwan.
~ Mengandungi phyto-collagen hasil dari teknologi bio-fermentation.
~ Melembapkan bibir dan menjadikan bibir kelihatan cantik menawan
Mainly use in very high cost Saloon.
Recommended by many beauty stars
Many pop stars do this treatment with extra PRICE !

NOW we also can enjoy it by doing it at HOME.
Sharing some of the testimonials for you to see.

An intense hydrating mask that plumps up the lips, reduces fine lines, wrinkles around the mouth and leaves the lips moist, smooth and supple.
Main Ingredients: 
Collagen, Amino Acid, Natural Fruit Acids, Vitamin E, Glycerine..

How to use: 
Just letakkan place the mask on your lips for 20 - 30 mins & take it out. 
Massage gentle the area,  where u applied your lip mask on.. (to allow the nutrients to be fully absorbed)

Ulangi 2 - 3 times a week. 
Can be used everyday if desired.

- Don't worry of your lip's size because this lip mask can cover your whole mouth even if you've a big-hot-dog-shaped mouth. It did moisturized my lip and watery too.

RM2 per piece only !
(means RM2 per treatment.. yay!)
Offer : Buy 10pc free 2pc