Fresh Breath

"Hi, for the first time in so many years, my breath was normal. I have suffered with bad breath for most of my life. Chewing gum to cover it up has been a pain in my jaw. I would tell everyone what a great product it is. I am so happy that I have finally found a cure! Thanks so much." J. C


Why we recommended this..?
*An oral hygiene device designed untuk membersihkan pembentukan baktria (bacterial), food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue.
>> results to "BAD BREATH"
*A cheap, healthy means of keeping your breath fresh and your mouth healthy.
* Much more useful than gums, mouthwashes, or anything else that may cover up bad breath.
It directly attacks (and removes) the root of the above.

1. Extend your tongue (keluarkan lidah) ,aiming at mirror,gently scrape tounge with tongue scraper for 4-5 minutes.
2. After getting up and b4 going 2 bed everday,clean ur tongue once.
3. After use, wash with salt or toothpaste,keep it in dry place.

Tapi jangan lupa gosok gigi juga ye.. ;)

Price for now : RM5.00
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STOP BAD BREATH NOW by removing harmful bacteria on your tongue! The Tongue Cleaner effectively removes bad breath causing bacteria and ensures fresh, clean breath.

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