2in1 Slimming Pants


Tips :
Macamana nak pilih size?
Ambil ukuran pinggul/hips anda. Pastikan seluar ini boleh memeri sehingga ukuran pinggul/hips anda.
Jika tidak seluar tidak boleh melalui pinggul/hips anda

Contoh :
Ukur lilit pinggul 95cm
Size anda ialah L

XS: ( waist 65-82cm ) for hip less than 82cm
S : ( waist 71-86cm ) for hip less than 96cm
M: ( waist 78-92cm ) for hip less than 92cm
L: ( waist 83-101cm ) for hip less than 101cm
XL: ( waist 89-110cm ) for hip less than 110cm
XXL: ( waist 103-124cm ) for hip less than 124cm
XXXL: ( waist 148-158cm ) for hip less than 158cm

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S Size - Beige and Black
M Size - Beige and Black
L Size - Beige and Black
XL Size - Beige and Black
XXL Size - Beige and Black
XXXL Beige only

Instantly look 10 or 20 pounds thinner Transform your figure and wear what you want! Tight jeans, pencil thin skirts, figure hugging pants.... Wear from below the bust line to above the knee line flatten tummy, slimmer thighs, lift butt Material: 80% Nylon + 20% Elastane

* made of NEW free-breathing easy-to-wear micro-fiber fabric
* cotton gusset keeps you dry and comfortable
* feels like wearing a panty
* no need to wear panty
* clothes fit better and look better

Slimming Pants 2in 1
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Haylie_lee( 2009-11-06 23:37:15 )

Last time i bought it....during wearing tight dress..it really helps. I love it...it really helps u to give u the curve. Tat's y i'm buying it again...