How to enjoy more discounts on your purchased ?

1) Top up account

Be a JW member
Top up into Juliaeswardrobe Account
(Only bank in transfer to MayBank or CIMB Account is accepted. )

Wholesaler price will be given as below :
TOP UP RM500.00 up 20% discount on Normal Price
TOP UP RM1000.00 up to 30% on Normal Price

Any order just place at the Juliaeswardrobe at any time and at any quantity.

There is no quota or min order quantity, as long as the top up amount is still available in your account.

After deliveries are sent, the amount will be deducted from your top up. 

Once top up is almost ran out, we will send out reminder to you to top up again RM500.00 or RM1000.00

You also can choose to join the MOQ at any time.


All top up amount is not refundable if you wish to stop half way. All outstanding balances are to be redeemed with products only. 
No cash refund.

Note that TOP UP & MOQ resellers are :
*not qualified to enjoy free gift away or any promotion from JW.
*the discounts are not valid for DCL products, item marked -not for reseller (NFR) and some of other items (where min price already applied ie-mark down price)
depending on the products purchased.

Thank you and looking forward for mutual business partnership from you.