Nakkan Eyebrow pencil yang bukan sekadar Makeup?
Get this one.
Bukan shj melebatkan bulu kening tetapi juga menguatkan akarnya.

Eyebrow Growth Pencil Product Code : B574 5g RM15.00

Available in black/ brown
- secret item of gals in Xinjiang to have thick eyebrow
- can help in eyebrow grown. and avoid eyebrow from dropping. recommends this :-

This eyebrow pencil contains traditional ingredient that Xinjiang girls use to thicken their eyebrows. This is also the reason why Xinjiang girls have thick, luscious eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil helps with the growth of eyebrow and prevents it from dropping.

Quote from 'Iamlucky'

* Basically, there's no instruction or product description.
* To be frank, I have not much problem with my eyebrow because I have quite a thick pair of eyebrows for a Chinese.My only problem is my eyebrow hair drops.

* After 2months of using :-
Not much of a difference except that my brows grow longer.

*The black is not so intense but I like it because that way, my brows won't look so fake.
*You really have to be patient with this product as it does not give instant result. Since it's didnt cost much.

At most, even if it does not grow your eyebrow ,it definitely is a good eyebrow pencil. Nobody could tell that I drew my eyebrow because the black looks natural.

Try it!