JW beauty tips 


We ols ni selalu rushed for time kan?
We women kadang-kadang admire jugak men la (lelaki) yg boleh laying down lazy kt katil extra 30min hari hari sebab jimat masa tak perlu nk 'cat' muka.. :)

So life is unfair.
Kalau seorg perempuan terutama yg kt line corporate muka begitu pucat tanpa sebarang make-up, people will surely stare semcm je kan..
Jika lelaki .. no one will care, obviously!

So senang.. instead of complaining about this fascts of life.. so we here decided that the best way to go is - to deal with it... and try to make it simple as pos-sibly can.

It wont take so much time to do plus is easy enough to do on the train while heading to work :)

Start dengan foundation.
Use a tinted moisturiser (moisturizer yg dh siap ada foundation+spf etc.. and can cover ur flaws) .
You will be saved on time.
Untuk extra coverage, brush on dengan loose powder..
So semua ni buatlah di rumah .. so that we don;t have to carry a tonne if make-up around!

Decide now area mana di muka yang kita nk focus on?
Eyes? lips or your cheeks?
Tips : If you have a little more time, go with the eyes since this needs to be done at home to avoid poking your eye out with your eyeliner.

Jika focus kita bkn pada mata.. memadai just pick a neutral colour ie- brown and apply la to your upper eye­lid.
Area yg close to the lashes tu, sweep a slightly darker colour.
Then use a pencil liner and line your upper lash line. Jangan guna liquid bila kita nk buat quick make-up. Last sekali.. apply je mascara.. 5minit je and u re done!

Use a lipliner and line your natural lip line. Then apply a lipstick yg sama color dgn lipliner.

Jika nk focuskan/highlight lips :-
Go for strong colour.

IF nk natural je :-
Pick a neutral tone or if mmg dh super duper kejar time.. just apply tinted gloss..to make sure we don't look dead.. hehe (pucat).

If cheeks are not your thing, then forget the blusher tones and cheekbone-enhancing techniques.

Instead of blusher, go with a bronzer (compact blusher tuu) to sweep it along the apples of your cheeks towards your hairline.
Slowly blend till you are satisfied. Less is better!
Bronzer ni akan doubles up to highlight our T-zone adn juga add a little more definition to our jawline with just a quick sweep.

If done right, these five steps should take less than 10 minutes.
Yes, we timed this - basically as much time as your man takes to shave!

Well, it does bring the divide between men and women slightly closer. Before we start complaining about how tough it is to be a woman, remember that we do have a choice and looking good is one of them!